“What is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the writing process to you?”

The creation! I’m a world builder after Tolkien’s own heart. Building vast worlds, thinking up new civilizations and cultures, those come easily to me. The problem presents itself that actually buckling down and writing about the places and people I have created is infinitely harder.

“How did you first get started in photography?”

Shortly before my 13th birthday, I started taking pictures with a tiny silver point-and-shoot camera of my mom’s. It was all we had, camera-wise, and I discovered I really liked playing with taking photos of flowers, foliage, my family, etc. Taking note of that passion, my parents bought me a G10 Powershot Canon when I turned 13. As far as professional cameras go, it’s the very bottom rung. It was barely above a point-and-shoot, it was all we could afford and it was my baby. For years, I proved that the camera doesn’t make the photographer and it was a few years before I bought my first (used) ‘high quality’ camera (A Nikon D3000). This year, I now have a brand new Nikon D3400, as my G10 and D3000 are out of commission. But I am still strongly attached to that little Canon G10, since it really is what started it all.

“What is your favorite color?” (plus an included question of “Why is that your favorite color?”)

This question. it’s the unanswerable question. My favorite color changes, like my favorite song, my favorite outfit or my favorite movie. When I’m happy, hopeful, it’s pink. Pink is my color of quiet yearning, excited outlooks. When I’m content, when I’m relaxed, at ease, not looking to impress but ready to impress, all the same, it’s black. I wear a lot of blacks. When I’m feeling bold, powerful, like a success or a rising tide, it’s red. And when I’m feeling gentle and quiet, it’s purple. but a very specific plum-like purple that I can’t find anywhere on anything because everyone prefers lavender.

“What places are on your photography wishlist?”

The Isle of Skye, in Scotland.
Tokyo, in Japan.
Random places, mostly. I’ll drive past a wooded pine lot, and put it on my wishlist. Old abandoned homes and buildings, a city wall with just the right amount of graffiti.  I want to go back to Historical Williamsburg (Virginia) in the Spring so I can do a photoshoot there.   But mostly obscure places that are within an hour or so’s drive from me.


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