Boomerang kindness

I enjoy penning handwritten letters. I know it’s been practically outmoded with the prevalence of emails, texts, phone calls and social media, but I feel as though a handwritten letter (even if carrying the same message a text would have carried) says something a little extra on it own. There’s just something special about receiving… Continue reading Boomerang kindness

Being worthy of grace

I grew up in a Christian home, and became saved at a very young age. The argument could possibly be made that my dedication to a Christian walk happened at an age much younger than it should - that I didn't full understand the commitment I was making. I don't think I did understand, really,… Continue reading Being worthy of grace

Review: Is Netflix’s Another Life any good?

There's a giant alien, shimmering tower that has landed on Earth and strange things are happening around it. A former (female) member of the military is summoned to make contact and find out the mysteries of this colorful alien tech. Nope, this isn't the plot for Annihilation (which was a horrifying, unique blast of a… Continue reading Review: Is Netflix’s Another Life any good?